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Online Shop Returns

Gifts bought in our online shop have a 7-day cooling off period. Products can be fully refunded within 30 days of purchase, provided no booking has been made for a studio session using the Gift. If that is the case, our normal cancellation policy applies. There is no need to return the gift voucher, unless it is part of the Sterling Silver Frame & Voucher in which case the frame should be returned unopened to the studio.

Cancellation Policy

A HKD 500 fee is required to secure your session appointment - payable at the time of any booking, or covered by your Gift Voucher. It will be deducted from the total session fee or purchases your make. This booking fee is refundable or transferable only with 7 days’ notice of cancellation for Saturdays or 48 hours for weekday bookings. We regret we cannot accept later cancellations for any reason, but you are welcome to offer your appointment to a relative or friend if youare unable to attend your session.

Gift Vouchers

Our vouchers for packages generally have a bonus value for the first 12 months and are valid at face value thereafter. After 12 months an additional purchase/deposit may be required when booking your session. 
Some gifts have added/bonus value which is time sensitive like our Christmas Bonus Offer, PHOTOGENIC Babies Month-by-Month, Mother's Day & Father's Day and Family & New Baby Special - the latter has added value up until the month of the new baby's first birthday only. These limited offers have inflexible T&Cs for the added value, but are valid at face value indefinitely, subject to an additional purchase.

Promotional Offers & Gifts

We regret that cancellations and rescheduling of bookings of Promotional or Incentive Offers are limited. Promotional Offers can be rebooked once only and moved to a weekday only.
It is advisable to contact us about your Gift Voucher as soon as you receive it and check for any seasonal terms or bonuses.
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